A limited edition classic...

The Strada SLX uses NOS (New Old Stock) Columbus SLX tubing to create a traditional look, beautifully executed with the demanding precision of every Ellis. It can be built to accommodate any modern grouppo. In fact, the first Strada SLX features internally-wired Ultegra Di2!

Frame and fork: $2,850

  • Domestique paint is the standard finish on the Strada SLX, but my Campionissimo finish is available for an additional charge

  • A great choice for a L'Eroica bike!

  • SLX forks are all 1" steerers available threaded or threadless

Complete custom builds are available and help to ensure all parts and gruppos integrate perfectly.

I wanted to give you more feedback after getting in about 100 miles or so.

First, the bike fit is perfect.... On rough road and ruts, the bike is very smooth...your fork combined with the frame geometry is a perfect match. The bike is light, surprisingly so to me since I’m no small dude. It truly is a great combination of weight, stiffness, and comfort.

Thanks Dave!
— Steve from Colorado